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Presidential Travel Mission: India

The State Department is sending you to India to plan a trip for the U.S. President! Explore India, learn about its history, diverse cultures, geography, economics, and industry. Your virtual trip is based in modern times and includes historic 1980s scrapbook of trips by then Vice President and Mrs. Bush from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Gather Bush Awards during your trip! Enjoy going to India now! 


China, Diplomatic Dragon

Begin your trip to modern China! Who knows? Maybe one day you'll be a diplomat to China! You will make Chinese friends, eat their food, and appreciate their culture. You will meet Chinese officials, business leaders and join Chinese New Year celebrations! You will travel throughout China, learn Chinese phrases, visit the Ming Tombs, and explore the Forbidden City in Beijing, the capital. There are so many places to go! As you play the game, win collectible card awards of George Bush from when he was a top diplomat there. Let's begin playing now!

White House Dinner Dash app

White House Dinner Dash


Plan and manage fancy State Dinners at the White House! Help President George Bush and the First Lady entertain foreign leaders and guests. Choose the menu and table settings, make a seating chart, then dash to serve a four-course meal. It isn’t easy keeping guests happy, but if you do, you will help build diplomatic relations! 

Cold War Dare app

Cold War Dare


The year is 1989. You are President of the United States in transforming times. After forty years of oppression, the people of Eastern Europe are daring to defy their Communist overlords at home and in the Soviet Union. And as President, you too face daring decisions: how far will you go to encourage democratic reform? How much will you risk a Soviet crackdown on these freedom-seeking peoples? Will your efforts help bring democracy to Eastern Europe, or will you provoke the Soviet Union to bring down its wrath, setting the cause of freedom back by decades?