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statue of horses

The Day the Wall Came Down

A Monument to Freedom by Veryl Goodnight, Dedicated October 11, 1997.

The Berlin Wall stood for over 28 years as the most visible icon of the Cold War. This 14 foot high, 105 mile long barrier surrounded West Berlin. It was erected by communist controlled East Germany to keep its citizens from escaping to the West. On November 9, 1989, the world witnessed the sudden and unexpected collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Sculptor Veryl Goodnight captured this moment of joy, felt around the world, when Berlin was reunited. By using horses, representing freedom of the human spirit, the artist recognizes all people who seek freedom from oppression.

The graffiti painted on the rubble beneath the horses was replicated by the artist from actual graffiti painted on the Berlin Wall. At President Bush’s request, the names of 15 people killed at the Berlin Wall were written on the “Dove of Peace.” These names represent over 900 people who were killed trying to escape to the West. This bronze monument weighs seven tons and took the artist three and a half years to complete. A “sister” casting is on permanent display at the Allied Museum in Berlin, Germany.

President George Bush’s diplomatic skills enabled the hole in the Berlin Wall to become so large that all of Eastern Europe was set free from Communist rule. The Cold War had ended.

statue of horses at sunset
statue of horses side view
statue of horses in evening
statue of horses from distance
George H.W. Bush statue

Statue of George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States

This statue, which was dedicated by Vice President Dan Quayle in April 2014 at a celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Bush administration, stands over eight feet tall and is made of bronze with a granite base. Created by renowned sculpture artist Chas Fagan, this is the second casting of this statue. The original stands in Houston’s Sesquicentennial Park.

The placement of the sculpture, in the middle of the Bush Center, symbolizes the unique past, present, and future dynamic between the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the George Bush School of Government and Public Service, and the George and Barbara Bush Foundation. The missions of the various entities of the Bush Center represent and fulfill so many of the guiding principles that George Bush held strongly, and it is fitting that this statue stands here as a visual reminder of his legacy.

close up of writing on stone
George H.W. Bush statue
Quote wall overlooking pond

The Quote Wall

“Let future generations understand the burdens and blessings of freedom. Let them say we stood where duty required us to stand.”—President George Bush, January 1991

This quotation is a part of the State of the Union Address given to a Joint Session of the Congress and the American people on January 29, 1991, during the early days of the aerial and naval campaigns in Desert Storm. The ground assault began on February 24, and a ceasefire was called just 100 hours later on February 28. Kuwait had been liberated.

close up of quote wall
quote wall with pond in foreground
quote wall at sunset
garden with flowers
garden and pond
garden and pond

The Barbara Bush Rose Garden and the Presidential Pond

The Barbara Bush Rose Garden and its gazebo were dedicated in 2005 as a tribute to First Lady Barbara Bush. Beautifully maintained by the Grounds Management staff at SSC and Texas A&M University, the gazebo and the garden have been the memorable backdrop for countless marriage proposals, family and group photos, peaceful strolls and the occasional intimate wedding ceremony.

The pond was a haven for President Bush when he visited College Station; a place for him to fish, walk his dogs, relax, and talk to people. Fishing is still allowed at the pond, though it is catch-and-release with barbless hooks only.

This is a popular area for rest, reflection, studying, family picnics and physical fitness. We ask that you respect the privacy of others while you are here, since it is a public place. Please remove any accumulated trash or recycling, and don’t harm the flowers, the facilities or the wildlife. Several birds, turtles, insects, fish and other small animals have made this sanctuary their home.

pond at sunset pond with gazebo in background bench overlooking pond