Interested in Reserving a Field Trip to the Museum?

Below you'll find a number of great Field Trip opportunities for your class, also be sure to check out our Storytelling and Group Tours.  

If you select a Themed Program, your class of more than 40 students may be divided between the museum and the activity.

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Mrs. Bush's Story Time 

Hear recordings of Mrs. Bush reading several popular children's books, and learn through resources and activities developed by The Malvern School.  



Museum Discovery

For a fun and enriching experience, pupils make a Millie puppet, learn museum manners, hear a storybook, discuss the world of museums, and then tour temporary exhibit in the Ansary Gallery of American History.


My Own Room at the White House

Each student designs a room at the White House and enjoys learning about life at the White House.

Download Lesson Plan (pdf)


Holidays in the White House

Experience how the White House celebrates winter or spring holidays! Students can create a special ornament and imaginative greeting card.

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The Presidential Quilt

Students create individual quilt squares that represent national symbols of America. Teachers are given quilt backing materials to finish the quilt without sewing.

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Tic-Tac America

Students are divided into two teams and challenged to test their knowledge of presidents and American history. There are three levels of challenge.

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City Council Role-Play

Students assume functional roles as members of a city council and concerned citizens trying to solve the community problem of an escaped lion! To customize your visit, consider asking one or more of your city council members to join your class.

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Congressional Bill Role-Play

Students become functional members of Congress to learn about the legislative process first-hand. Each student is given a character description stating political party preference, identifying issues and voting history.‚Äč

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Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Students will receive an in-depth 1-hour tour including these 3 exhibits United Nations, Berlin Wall and The White House. The 1 hour classroom activity will use the Presidential Timeline and focus on the Berlin Wall exhibit. This includes primary source analysis in a webquest format. Plus, activities from The Reunification of Germany lesson plan activity.


Bill of Rights Texas v. Johnson, 1989, Flag Burning Case

Students will actively participate in problem solving skills and decision-making strategies as they explore the Bill of Rights and the actions of Judicial review when looking at the case of Texas vs. Johnson flag burning case.


High School Days Program

Annually, the High School Days Program brings all of the Bryan-College Station high school juniors to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum for a day to be immersed in a wide-variety of enriching educational experiences. This program has continued since 2002 due to the cooperative relationship between the high school faculty and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The purpose is to offer the high school juniors opportunities by broadening their horizons through engaging activities. Seminars are presented by outstanding experts in science, history and language arts with authors and motivational speakers.


Annual Girl Scouts Day

First Saturday in December. Scouts will have an opportunity to complete a scavenger hunt in the museum! Come and create holiday ornaments during the Holidays in the Rotunda in the museum classroom.


Exploring History Summer Camp

The June Summer Camps invite the B-CS recreation centers, the Boys & Girls Club of the Brazos Valley, 4-H Clubs, church youth groups and other summer camp groups to participate in these half-day sessions free of charge.

The July Summer Camps are a week-long full-day experience with a theme aligned to the current temporary Bush Museum exhibit. Fun learning adventures, arts and crafts, storytelling exploration and reading discoveries as well as field trips related to the summer's theme engage campers in memorable experiences! Click here for more information.