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Art and Essay Contest How To

Art & Essay Contest Registration How To

Click the link Get Started below to sign in to your account and begin registering your students. Just click on the link below, and then click on create an account on the next page.

Would like more information on how the registration process works before beginning? Continue scrolling down the page or click the button More Information, and it will scroll you to the next section.

Get Started More Information

Learn How to Register Your Class


Step One

Teacher/Leader Registration

Click on the button at the top of the page to Start the registration process. This process will entail filling out a form that includes: your name, school, school address, phone and email address.

Step Two

Add Class

At this step you should have already created an account for yourself (teacher/leader). This next step will be to register a class. If you will be registering more than one class under your name please make sure to add an identifying class name, for example English 1301.

Step Three

Add Your Students

Once your class has been created you can begin adding students. Click the button "Add Student" to begin. Fill out the form for each student in your class or those that will be participating. Please make sure you have your student's parent/guardian's contact information.



When you add a student an automated permissions request email will be sent to the parent or guardian. You can override this by checking the box "I have been given permission via another method". You will not be able to upload a file until the student recieves permission.

Step Four

Upload Art/Essays

The final step in the process! Click on the student's name and then upload the essay or artwork. There can only be one submission per student, you can however re-upload the artwork/essay and it will replace the previous entry.