Rotating Exhibits

Wit and Humor: American Political Cartoons

Monday July 15, 2019 to Sunday January 5, 2020

Section 1: History of Editorial Cartooning (Lender: LOC)

            History of caricature as the study of the deformed and grotesque (Da Vinci, Carraci)

            Development of satirical cartoons and press in Britain in the late 1700s

            First American political cartoon: Join or Die (1754)

            Election of 1828 and the rise of political cartoons (Andrew Jackson, Currier & Ives)


Section 2: Thomas Nast (Lenders: LOC, Cushing Memorial Archives)

            Civil War Cartoons, Tammany Hall, Legacy (symbols, Santa, etc.)


Digital Content: Cartoons come of age (1896-1918) (Digital images of works)

            Small wall section with tabletop kiosk with subsections:

                        Political cartooning’s big break/Pulitzer/Hearst

                        Racism in cartoons

                        Teddy Roosevelt, Clifford K. Berryman, WWI/Interwar, WWII


Section 3: Bill Mauldin (Lenders: LOC; Mauldin Estate; images from 45th Division Museum)

            Cartooning in WWII, Willie and Joe (digital slideshow), Kennedy assassination, personal effects

            Subsection: Dr. Seuss cartoons (UC San Diego)


Section 4: Herblock (Lenders: LOC; possibly Herblock Foundation)

            Civil Rights, Watergate, Awards, personal effects


Section 5: Patrick Oliphant (Lenders: LOC; Susan Conway; UVA Miller Center)

            Vietnam, presidents, 2-D and 3-D artwork


Section 6: Garry Trudeau (Lenders: Gregg Petersmeyer; LP-GB holdings)

            Vietnam, Watergate, presidents, President Skippy


Section 7: Bush Library Cartoon Collection (LP-GB holdings)


Section 8: Cartooning Texas (Humanities Texas) (Digital Content via tabletop kiosk)


Interactive: Create your own political cartoon (based on a few topics)

Interactive: Analyze a political cartoon

Interactive: White Glove Wednesday

            Archivist or Curator to have live display/interpretation of cartoon

            Monthly for two hours