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Past Rotating Exhibits

Wit and Humor

Wit and Humor: American Political Cartoons

Monday July 15, 2019 to Sunday January 5, 2020

Section 1: History of Editorial Cartooning 

            History of caricature as the study of the deformed and grotesque (Da Vinci, Carraci)

            Development of satirical cartoons and press in Britain in the late 1700s

            First American political cartoon: Join or Die (1754)

            Election of 1828 and the rise of political cartoons (Andrew Jackson, Currier & Ives)


Section 2: Thomas Nast 

            Civil War Cartoons, Tammany Hall, Legacy 


Digital Content: Cartoons come of age (1896-1918) 

            Political cartooning’s big break/Pulitzer/Hearst

            Racism in cartoons

            Teddy Roosevelt, Clifford K. Berryman, WWI/Interwar, WWII


Section 3: Bill Mauldin 

            Cartooning in WWII, Willie and Joe (digital slideshow), Kennedy assassination, personal effects

            Subsection: Dr. Seuss cartoons (UC San Diego)


Section 4: Herblock 

            Civil Rights, Watergate, Awards, personal effects


Section 5: Patrick Oliphant 

            Vietnam, presidents, 2-D and 3-D artwork


Section 6: Garry Trudeau 

            Vietnam, Watergate, presidents, President Skippy


Section 7: Bush Library Cartoon Collection 


Section 8: Cartooning Texas (Humanities Texas)


Interactive: Create your own political cartoon (based on a few topics)

Interactive: Analyze a political cartoon